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I like that idea "Freedom" and "Democracy". Talk about putting a finger in their eye.

Of course, I certainly don't expect DPP to have anything intelligent to say toward the pandas except the same knee-jerk reaction such as "pro-unification war" or "china threat". Those brainless bunch are so scared of any diplomatic move that two little pandas cause so much panic.

Renaming the panda is actually not a bad idea. But DPP are probably not smart enough or has the guts to accept the pandas in the first place. At the end, little childrens are going to cry because pandas are not coming to Taiwan because ?????insert explanation to your child??????

No such thing as a cuddly panda.

It is a BEAR ladies and gentlemen.. It just has attractive coloring. Try cuddling up to a wild black bear. Same effect.

It's a trick. Get an axe.


Children love candy, too. But we don't let them take it from dodgy-looking characters wearing trenchcoats.

Sure the Pandas are going to kidnap you!

You misunderstand the analogy. Children love candy (and pandas). But they should be wary of strangers (and communists) who try to tempt their affections.

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