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"But I would defy ANYONE to give a two hour long speech like the one he gave without making a few mistakes." All the more so given that he read his speech without teleprompter or reference to notes.

"In fact, a perverse incentive is created. My man Chen's untouchable from now on, some folks might reason, so why shouldn't I get mine?"
In my more machiavellian moments, I wonder whether the whole recall bid was an effort to *stop* CSB from resigning. He might have been considering it to improve DPP chances in 2008 - but he can't now (as the KMT could claim a victory as they 'forced him out').

Oh, and sorry to be a pedant - but they weren't trying to impeach him, they were trying to recall him (subtly different to an impeachment: you have to have a good reason to impeach the president, while you can recall him for anything you want).


I didn't know that about Chen's speech. Thanks.


I was going to refer to it as a recall, but decided "impeachment" sounded more dramatic. Maybe that's not a good reason,'s my reason.

More than that though, the process DOES kind of look like a hybrid between impeachment and recall. The legislative vote resembles an impeachment, while the subsequent referendum is obviously a recall.

I suppose you're right that voters and pan-blue legislators could have recalled/impeached Chen for any reason they liked.

But pan-green legislators would have had to have had a DARN good reason for voting against one of their own.

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