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The flipside is that Ma Ying-jeou might become a "Chinese" contender for the prize. He is distant enough from the CCP but able to engage with it but not be directly associated with it. He is good at selling his fake version of peace between Taiwan and China. He has a nice democratic veneer (it's pretty thin, but few dare to scratch it).

I was going to add a postscript which would have said that the committee might also take a carrot & stick approach. I can easily imagine joint Peace Prizes being awarded the PRC/ROC presidents in the event of "peace" talks.

But after the way China rankled the committee, I'm reasonably confident that more Chinese dissidents will be granted the award, regardless whether Ma Ying-jeou's surrender talks proceed or not.

[I use the term 'carrot and stick approach' guardedly, since the committee really has no 'sticks' to speak of. Might be more accurate to call it the 'carrot and turnip approach'.]

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