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The thing that writer is missing is that in China, 象棋 (xiangxi) is far more popular than 圍棋 (weiqi). Japanese people play far more 将棋 (shogi) than 囲碁 (igo).

I think that applying stereotypes of what kind of games Asians supposedly like to play to military strategy makes as much sense as saying that as chopstick users, Asians like to "trap their prey", whereas fork using westerners would prefer "skewering methods".

Check out the notes at the bottom of the following post:

I think that it covers the "stereotype" charge. Perhaps it's my fault for not explicitly explaining that the statement, "Westerners play chess, Asians play Go" was a METAPHOR. The whole point of the fable was to tell the reader that Asians place greater EMPHASIS upon indirect attacks, so Westerners should pay more attention to the non-military attacks that are currently being leveled against Taiwan.

(BTW, I am genuinely puzzled by the chopsticks analogy. Am I actually to believe that strategy games have absolutely NO influence upon...strategy?)

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