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You wrote: "Last year, I took some photos of a fellow standing on a platform on top of a small apartment building. He was waving a pole with a streamer attached, while his flock of pigeons were busy flying in loops and figure eights."

Where was this? I remember when I used to work in Banqiao I would often see a man doing this. It was in Zhongshan Road near the railway station.

btw, there is a show about pigeon racing in Taiwan on the National Geographic Channel tonight.

It was someplace near Taipei, though I couldn't say exactly where. It was an area that I'm not really familiar with.

First saw your comment this morning, so it looks like I missed that Nat'l Geographic program. Too bad.

How do I track down a birds owner in Taiwan?
The tag only has a number on it, and the year. Nothing else.


I'll send out a holler & see what I can do.


The best course I can think of would be to take it to the nearest police station. I'd bring a note written in Chinese saying that you found this bird, and that you know it might be very valuable.

I'll let you know if somebody has any better idea.

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