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It's less a problem that you refer to the CCP as communist than it is that you label the KMT 'pro-communist.' The CCP do keep that discarded ideology as part of their moniker, but the KMT are far from being communist. While I question the recent warm relations between the KMT and CCP, I don't think the former deserve to be stuck with that term (no more than the Roh Moo-hyun administration should be called 'pro-Stalinist' for maintaining the Sunshine Policy.

I was going to write another post about this, so I'll just quickly sum up my thoughts:

1) "Communist-accommodationalists" might be more appropriate, but is a bit of a mouthful.

2) The "pro-communist" appellation isn't meant to describe the KMT's economic policies. I call them "pro-communist" because they are friendly to the communists of Beijing, and more importantly, their "creeping unification" policies are favorable to them as well.

I don't know much about the "Sunshine Policy", but I'm pretty sure it consists of conciliatory gestures that won't leave S. Korea at a grave disadvantage. KMT policies appear to me to place Taiwan at the economic, political and military mercies of a hostile adversary with a population 50 times greater than Taiwan's.

3) There's a certain mischievious element that appeals to me as well. For decades, the KMT remorselessly imprisoned democracy advocates, falsely claiming they were communists. Now the KMT toadies up to Beijing - and aren't being sent to Green Island for it.

But it's entirely fitting for them to be reminded of their own betrayal of their former anti-communism. Chiang Kai-Shek must be rolling in his grave right now.

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