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Very interesting. I knew that the KMT and Chiang Kai Shek were notorious for their blatant corruption, but murdring 27,000 ...that's news to me if true. Not terribly surprised tho.

The KMT did always make it hard to support them while they ran China, and even later. Thank heavens the ROC is a democracy now, and it's easier for us to support them. They're going to need it, I think, because if">">if I have it right the PRC is going to make it's move after the 2008 Olympics.

The numbers are somewhere between 10 and 30 thousand, though 27,000 is a number that I often see. It happened in 1947, a few years before Chiang Kai Shek actually set foot on the island. Was the governor appointed by Chiang solely responsible, or was he just the fall guy? I'm not well-read enough on the subject to have an opinion.

And you're right, it was KMT corruption that was ultimately at fault. When they took over the island from Japanese occupation, they forcibly set up government monopolies over many industries, angering the small businessmen they squeezed out. On top of this, they mistreated the Taiwanese because they viewed them as traitors; China had suffered terribly under the Japanese, yet the Taiwanese spoke Japanese and even fought for them in World War II. (They didn't have much choice - China ceded Taiwan to the Japanese Empire in 1895.)

The straw that broke the camel's back was when an elderly Taiwanese woman was beaten up by KMT policemen for breaking one of the new monopolies by illegally selling cigarettes on the roadside. Taiwanese crowds gathered to help her, and within a short time, the KMT was faced with an island-wide rebellion. The KMT got the upper hand, and spent the next few months conducting large-scale reprisals.

It's amazing how only 2 years of KMT misrule was able to turn the population so completely against them.

By the way, 228 is one of the major events brought up by the independence movement here. The Taiwanese welcomed the Chinese Nationalists with open arms at first, they say, yet the Chinese killed us. Why should we give the Chinese Communists the chance to do the same thing all over again?

Oh, your post regarding when you think China will attack Taiwan didn't show up. Here it is:

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