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Ugh. I had to read that right after lunch, didn't I?


I don't know you. I was just surfing the internet. A very interesting blog here. Are you really a foreigner in Taiwan? I wonder. I think you know more Taiwanese history than I do.

Let me introduce myself a bit. My name is Emily. I grew up in Taiwan, moved to US 6 years ago, when I was 14. I think you are an American too. Correct me if I am wrong. : )

Anyways, I enjoy reading your blog. I like it a lot. You do talk about real issues here, instead of people who put their love lives or sex lives online.

want to know you more. email me at


Yes, I am a foreigner - one who doesn't know much more Mandarin than "Ni Hao." But I CAN read the English papers here, and then form my own opinions.

Anyways, glad you like my blog.


Well, it was a tough choice. Either another post about Chiang Kai-Shek statues...or one about EXPLODING WHALES.

Decisions, decisions.

There is however, a political angle that most of us may have missed. The whale episode happened less than two months before the assassination attempt on President Chen, and IN THE SAME CITY, no less.

And yet, astonishingly, no one has mentioned the possibility that that devious leviathan may have staged the bursting of its own abdominal cavity in order to obtain human sympathy for its fellow cetaceans! Clearly, there are grounds here for the formation of a special commission to discover the truth behind the mysterious wound to the creature's belly...

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