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Chang-cen Ho's letter is online here:

Here's the transcript of the February 28 TVBS interview of Ma Ying-jeou:
Part 1
Part 2

The arms embargo comes up in Part 2. Here's the key section:
- - -
國民黨主席馬英九:「我後來跟英國的官員,跟歐盟的官員談,他們都不是這樣看的,他們認為我們現在跟大陸,這樣的和解方式是對的,這樣可以使得區域的緊張減緩,而且我還跟他們講我說,歐盟要不要這個,停止對於中國大陸的武器禁運,這個arms embargo,一方面他要看大陸人權的發展,二方面也應該看看兩岸在兩岸和平上,努力的進展如何,他們聽了覺得還有點道理,因為他們當初本來想要有人,有的國家想要解除禁運,但是因為..因為大陸又制定了反國家分裂法,所以他們決定暫時不要做,那我就把這個其實這個我覺得這個那個BBC的記者,他純粹是從一個節目的這種,火爆性的角度在問..,所以很尖銳對話,就是要製造尖銳對話的氣氛,這樣才有看頭,但是實際上就兩岸關係來講,像這樣的問是表示他對於兩岸的情況其實是滿懵懂的。」
- - -

I've gone over the transcript a couple of times with my wife's help to make sure I didn't miss anything before I posted any kind of translation. (My reading didn't seem to quite match what Ho said, so I wanted to double check.)

The main point Ma makes in the quoted segment is that with certain conditions in place -- those being "China improving its human rights situation" and "the peaceful development of cross-strait relations" (Can anyone say "snowballs in hell"?) -- he thinks the weapons embargo should be lifted.

Now that Ma's KMT (Killed Many Taiwanese) have blocked Taiwan's *defensive* weapons purchases 50 times instead of directly asking their "minor enemy" (China) to *reduce* its ever-increasing military threats against Taiwan (the KMT's "major enemy" being the DPP), that makes him a Super-hypocrite as well as an enemy of Taiwan.

Thanks to both you & your wife for clearing some of this up for me. Don't know how I missed this in the news a month ago, but I sure appreciate being brought up to speed.

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