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Lou Rockwell also publishes anti-DPP, pro-China rants from Bevin Chu, and pieces from theocrats like Gary North. The site has some decent stuff, but.....lots of sick people post there.


The info linked in the update strikes me as false. On the Strategy Page site, did you notice the "Defeat [hammer & sickle] Hillary" T-shirt ad? That's just the kind of thing Glenn Reynolds promotes.

Coincidentally (not!), I have previously written [1] about Reynolds' penchant for rumormongering [2] regarding Taiwan.

1) Taiwan = An easy target for chickenhawks?
2) The chronology of chronic coprophilia

Can you say "It's a conspiracy"?

Conservatives demonize liberals, and liberals demonize conservatives. That's partisan politics.

Like I said, I'm not sure how seriously I take the report that Taiwan might now have a few nuclear weapons. It'd be pretty tough keeping a story like that secret, considering the media climate here. Still, the notion that Taiwan COULD put together nuclear weapons within a short time strikes me as being true, and the missile news is probably true as well.

BTW, is it such a bad thing that this rumor's out there? It might make Beijing think twice in the future.

Since you said you were "[n]ot sure how seriously" to take it, I thought the information might help you to understand that it's quite clear that is should *not* be taken seriously for even a moment. Remember the rumors Judith Miller promoted ahead of the Iraq invasion. Not good.

In light of the world's unfortunately unsympathetic attitude towards Taiwan, yes, it's a bad thing for anybody to think Taiwan has nukes -- if it's not true, that is. Beijing already spreads enough lies about Taiwan; hence, hardly anybody understands the situation here. Acceptance of such rumors will only make things worse.

And what's the point of that stuff about "partisan politics"? *I* only "demonize" those whom the facts tell me are (already) demons. I seek truth, not rumors. I seek honesty, not "balance" (mistakenly perceived by many as an equal number of liars and truthtellers talking about the same thing).

I happen to like the Strategy Page. It has interesting bulletins on new military technology.

My "partisan politics" comments were about the "Defeat [hammer & sickle] Hillary" ad you referred to, nothing more.

Hillary's no communist, but she IS left of center, and some conservatives will exaggerate her position. Liberals will do the same to whomever the conservative candidate will be in 2008.

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