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One American-chiding comment that I will always remember came from the mouth of Ma Ying-jeou. It was uttered before his "peace-making" trip to the U.S., no-less.

"Rather than dwelling on different interpretations of the terminology, the key issue was whether the NUC still existed, KMT Chairman Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) said yesterday during a tea party with members of the media at Taipei City Hall.

"The correct English translation of zhongzhi [終止] is `to terminate.' But the government translated it as `cease to apply,' and so the US understood that the NUC has not been abolished," Ma said.

"But regardless of the terminology, what matters is for the president to make clear whether the NUC still exists or not," he said.

US State Department spokesman Adam Ereli had previously said that the US' understanding was that the council "has not been abolished. It's been frozen."

"I laughed when I saw the news. How could the US be fooled so easily?" Ma said."

I found that comment to be very revealing.

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