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Is that any more ridiculous than this
? It seems that a lot of cultures get kind of goofy when it comes to weddings.

There's a slight difference, though. The woman with the long train doesn't have to worry about getting beaten by the menfolk if she decides NOT to wear it.

I don't think that is a hijabi in your picture. Isn't that a ghunghat, specifically for weddings?

I confess total ignorance as to what it's called. But I've a hunch that things would have been none too pleasant for the bride if she had objected to wearing it.

Hello there your motherfucking sun of bitch, the people on pic you have in this article are as much animals as you are your little peace of shit , write about your thought of iran again and I will shove a huge iranian misile up your ass and then cut your throat and piss down in whats left of you , what the fuck do you know about iran , go and get your self a proper education and give your mummy some of your tiny dick , I think she needs some now , have a nice day ,

The people in the picture are ANIMALS, you say? Now see, I'd have been content to call them medieval misogynists, but I guess I'll just have to defer to your "expert" opinion on this, won't I?

(In my book, an animal might be classified as someone who responds to a blog post containing childish mockery with obscenities and death threats.)

Speaking of education: Did you write all that yourself, or did the local mullah in Amsterdam help with punctuation and spelling?

one of the best costume i've ever seen XD

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