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Great spot on Annette Lu. I was just saying over at Taiwan Focus that there was no way they were ever going to leave Lu alone since good governance furthers independence, and lo and behold! You found the evidence.

However, be of good cheer. If the Blues go after Lu, it may backfire, exposing the current prosecution for being politically-driven, and showing that the Blues just don't give a shit about Taiwan.

Can't wait to see what Chen says today.


I think the true feelings of the pan-blue media was expressed by one individual continuing to profess his non-bias and then immediately contradicting that false front:

"We have succeeded! We have triumphed! " declared Shih, as firecrackers went off in celebration of their campaign's success in what campaign leaders claimed to be "forcing the prosecution into indicting the presidential couple."

I think Chen would have already resigned if they had actual dirt on him.

People must be getting protest fatigue as well.

Here are some "track records" of that prosecutor (in Taiwanese language).

Some people may have been wondering about the small amount of money. Easy, that's been set this way as a form of racial insult, helps follow-up propaganda campaigns.

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Wish I could help you but . . . I've never actually used an RSS reader myself.


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