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It can't be possible for it to take over 2 months to fix a computer. 10 days at the most. Who did you have fix it?

Hope this doesn't bore you, but here goes:

When I took it in, it had some software problems. Then, as an afterthought, I asked them to add a hard drive.

They couldn't add the hard drive - said there was a problem with the motherboard. I figured, well, I'll be out of the country for 5 weeks, so I'll let 'em fix it, and it'll be ready for me when I get back.

I get back. Hard drive's installed, but the software problem, the thing I wanted fixed in the first place, they can't fix.

Alright. So I ask them to reformat the drives and reinstall Windows XP.

A few days later, they call me. "Your computer's ready." I go in. It's not ready. I pick it up a few days after that, and find out it isn't connecting to the internet. So back it goes.

A few days later, they tell me they can't do anything, and I should pick it up and call my internet provider. They're actually very helpful. Internet's up, and I figure it'll be smooth sailing.

And that's when I discover that I can't log into my Typepad account...

I probably could of fixed it in 3 hours. As long as it's all fixed now and everything is up and running, then it's all good.

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