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Very interesting post

"China's communists may be more pragmatic than they once were, but is that pragmatism directed at doing what's good for their country, or merely doing whatever allows them to hold their positions of power and privilege?"

I think that the answer is the latter, that they're just doing whatever they can to hold onto power.

It's been assumed in the West that with capitalism comes democracy. The Chinese Communists are determined to put the lie to that assumption. At the rate they are going, they may well succeed.

I also think that the 08 Olympics will be a watershed moment. The ChiComs will go all-out to make their country look good, and I am not sanguine about the ability of the Western media to see through it. If the communist rulers are successful in making China look good on the world stage, I fear this will demoralize Taiwan. This, in turn, may lead to a weakening of the will to resist on the island nation.

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