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It's cuz he was edumacated right here in the ROC, man, under the pariah state exchange program.

Kinda hard to evaluate his statements. On the one hand, it's fairly clear that he's not dealing with an entirely full deck.

On the other, it's equally clear that he DOES live in a pretty rough neighborhood.

For the record though, Geyer plays down the former angle. She explains why:

"Everybody wanted me to write that Qaddafi was 'crazy,' that he was mad. I refused to do it. That would have made it easy: pat, clear and woefully incomplete...Once a man stopped me on the streets of Chicago and asked me why, on television, I had described Qaddafi as a 'young colonel who goes to the desert to meditate.' He would have preferred to keep the image of a mad terrorist leader. I told him that Qaddafi was that, too, [but] that if we did not see these leaders in their entireties, we missed the reality and could fatally misjudge them."

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