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Fantastic movie! My favorite quote is when Chuck Heston is leading his men to Peking and giving them Chinese lessons:

Lewis (at the top of his lungs and speaking like Heston was wont to do): "The word for 'yes' is 'SHR'! The word for 'no' is 'BOO SHR!'"

Cracks me up every time.

BTW, best book on the 1900 Rebellion? Diana Preston's"The Boxer Rebellion". It puts you right there in the middle of it all. It's so detailed that I took it to Beijing with me to retrace the events of the Boxer Rebellion. I highly recommend it.

Don't forget the part where he announces he'll buy the dead Boxer, then flips the Boxer leader a $20 coin. I keep waiting for him to follow that up like Han Solo and say, "Sorry for the mess."

I'm starting to watch a bunch of these $99 NT oldies that have been sitting around my place for ages. Don't know if I'd call "55 Days" fantastic, but it certainly exceeded my expectations. There are indeed some VERY nice scenes in that movie.

I remember learning a LITTLE about the Boxer revolution in high school. And that's the extent of my knowledge (aside from a brief consultation of Wikipedia).

In other words, thanks for the book suggestion.

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