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By the way you mention Chiang and SON as dictators - Bud you are way, way of the mark! Granted, Chiang was a Dick. An Asshole, murderer, whatever - he was it! But Chiang Ching Kuo was the exact opposite. Were you here in Taiwan during Chiang Ching Kuos rule? The Place was paradise. Everybody including all but a tiny number of racist Taiwanese loved him. Chiang Ching kuo has ZERO blemishes on his rule - When he died, I saw with my own eyes folks from keelung to Kaohsuing crying. Taiwan stood still for 3 days.

I think you really need to read up on Chiang Ching Kuo...
I know, being a racist DPP party stool pigeon must be tiring for you but you should really check your facts about Chiang Ching Kuo before you post it.
Honestly, Chiang Ching Kuo did nothing bad - I challenge you to post a link to what he did that hurt anyone! You Cant!

My reply is in the other thread.

I'm not sure where the whole "racist" charge comes from, but whatever.

(As for the "stool pigeon" charge, it is perhaps more applicable to KMT presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou, who is reputed to have helped put fellow Taiwanese students on a blacklist during his time in America. Unlike him, I've never taken photos of opposition protesters and sent them off to some political headquarters somewhere.)

At any rate, let's try to keep this thread open for comments on the "Beast of Linkou" post.

ROFL. I'll be snickering all day long.

Ignore Tyrone/Trace, he's got problems and shows up on all the pro-democracy blogs.


Read this book for a little background on how `good' Chiang Ching-kuo was.

CCK was to CKS what Himmler was to Hitler.

Thanks for the book suggestion, Anon. I've already got a big stack of unread books in my living room, but summer's coming, so maybe I'll get a chance to check that out.

Tyrone sounds like a typical Ma campaign staff to me. ;) If these folks could brand President Chen as "Hitler" in their ads, then hurling the racist-whatever at Taiwanese people would not be very surprising.

Back to the topic, there was this local joke about how the KMT law enforcement tortured the white dog into admitting it was indeed the tiger, ouch. That kinda gives you the picture regarding how Chiang regime dealt with ordinary people, CKS and CCK alike.

Heh, heh. Appreciate you telling me that one - I don't often hear jokes Taiwanese make about politics.

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