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Gotta detest the CHINA Post: Logically, linguistically , and geographically challenged. Oh yeah, I forgot -- *factually* challenged, too. (They've probably also got their own problems with walking/gum-chewing coordination and are just "projecting.")

The reaction to the 915 rallies in Taiwan and around the world makes me think that the rallies achieved *much more* success than the CHINA Post's editors and many others are willing to admit. I am quite happy to have been a part of that.

I hear ya. I'm actually glad though that there's ONE English paper to tell the me the pan-Blue perspective on things. I can usually count on them to give me something to write about.

But I do have to admit that when they say things like Lee Tung-hui's U.N. bids were "political moves to deceive the people," I rub my eyes and wonder whether I'm reading something from Xinhua News Agency. That's definitely not a mainstream KMT position they're trying to peddle there.

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