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Kinda makes you wonder why they painted over the name on the wreckage, eh?

No, really? They actually did that?

They sure did:
- - -
China Airlines meanwhile had painted over its logo on the charred remains of the burnt-out plane.

CAL official Yoko Kuroda confirmed the carrier had whitened out the corporate logo late on Tuesday with the permission of Japanese authorities.

"Our officials in Taiwan said they recognized that there was a precedent for painting over logos," said Kuroda, from the marketing branch of the airline's Tokyo office.

But Japanese media speculated that the airline was trying to minimize the effect of constant footage from Naha Airport, where investigators from the three countries are sifting through the remains of the plane just outside a boarding gate.
- - -

Investigating this incident a little further, here's a Snopes forum page (with lots of links and info) which seems to indicate that this isn't the first such "whitewash" (and that such things *may* be more common than the media reports indicate):

I found that via comments to this Telstar Logistics post:

Guess I shouldn't be surprised. If I were an airline executive, I wouldn't want photos popping up of burned-out wreckage with the company logo on it either.

Still, by that point, most of the damage to the company's reputation had already been done. The foreign press wasn't exactly shy about reporting that this was a China Airlines jet.

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