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Interesting stuff. I've had an interest in Burma since meeting some Burmese monks a few years ago.

Seems the official line on CNN now is to call it both Myanmar, and Burma.

Is there anything that regular people like me can do to help?


Holy smokes, sorry for not replying earlier! I've been super tired lately, and haven't been checking my blog. Must be allergy season coming up.

Anyways, Armed Liberal at the Winds of Change blog had a short post dealing with your question:

A.L. suggests writing a letter to a company that does business with Burma. Looking at the list he links to, I was surprised to note one Taiwanese company, Asian Optical, has a lens factory there. And plenty of companies from other countries are present there as well.

In addition, I suppose if you have a blog you could mention something about Burma from time to time. It's not much, but you know, a lot of people laughed at Ronald Reagan when he gave his, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall," speech. But in his memoirs, Anatoly Scharansky said that when the prisoners in the gulag heard about that speech, they cheered. It let them know that somebody in the outside world cared about them.

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