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I've never seen people vote away their democracy. This is a sad day for democracy in Taiwan.

I feel for ya, man. Democracy may be the best safeguard against tyranny there is, but unfortunately, it isn't foolproof.

Makes me wonder will there be a country name change to The Republic of KMT? do you think Mr. Ma will take up smoking cigars and wearing green OD's pehaps grow out a beard?

Can't depose him anyway... the legislature can oust him, but it still needs -- a public referendum to complete the process. LOL. And boy would that set a precedent!

Good to see you back in action, man!


I confess to being overly pessimistic when I wrote this post. What's more, I'm embarrassed to say that I completely forgot about the public referendum part of the procedure, and was only reminded about it a few days ago when I came across a comment by Maddog on A-Gu's blog.

Still, the referendum obstacle shouldn't be a reason for complacency on the part of the DPP. After all, Hsieh's freedom of movement will be severely hampered at every turn by the sniping of the KMT smear machine - assuming Hsieh wins, of course. God forbid, if his approval ratings EVER dip below that magic threshold of 50%, the recall efforts begin in earnest - and then it's 2006 all over again.

So, things aren't quite as bad as I made them out to be a month ago, but...they're still pretty bad. Nevertheless, I AM a bit more optimistic now, and hope to write a post about why that is in the next couple days.

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