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The China Post article *is* online, but you're correct that they've hidden it from the "prying" eyes that may inexplicably want to look at their front page. (Of all the nerve!) ;-)

Also, the search date in your "nowhere to be found" link is incorrect. The story was in the March 13 edition, but it doesn't show up in a search of that date either.

The article is online here:

Note the implication in that headline ("First") that there may be *even more* such incidents to come.

Yeah, I noticed that implication, too.

Thanks for finding the link and for the correction. Regarding the latter, it was late when I wrote this, so I musta been getting kinda cross-eyed with exhaustion.

This whole incident reminds me of playing NBA LIVE. It's when in the fourth quarter the commentator says:
"Well, Marv, it's late in the ball game and you have to take care of every possession at this stage. This turnover there might cost them the lead."

I hope the turnover does cause those thugs/jackasses the election.

Ma showed no class and no balls with his non-apologetic apology.
What a wuss. I hope he loses.

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