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"...must be tough finding Taiwanese IT personnel who speak Estonian."
it is quite equally tough finding Taiwanese IT personnel who speak English ;)
at least this was my experience from the Cabinet here.

and never mind, we speak English, too, in Estonia ;) how else would we co-operate with NATO?

No argument on the first part. English here can range from the pretty good to the lamentable - but it's often in the bottom part of that range.

As for your second comment, I kind of figured as much. Anyways, best of luck with the new Cyber Defense Center, and I hope it proves useful if the Russians ever try to mess with your country again.

Well, we need to thank russians who made this big favor for us :)

Im sore, most of them (most, because there is some really brilliant ppl also) was so dumb and newer realize that they just make favor for us if they try to mess around whit our networks :))

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