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This law would've saved me having to change my Chinese name to have the same surname as my wife. Otherwise my son's surname would have been the Chinese bastardization of my given name.

Hope I didn't give the wrong impression here. Like I said, having this law on the books is a GOOD thing in order to take care of certain cases like yours.

It's the over-reaching attitude that I object to: "We've simply GOT to change the whole Taiwanese cultural outlook so that exactly 50% of everyone born here will have the same surname as their mother. The great unwashed just aren't making the choices that we elitists think they ought to be making."

(BTW, is there any way I could have come up with a stupider title for this post? What the hell was I thinking?)

It really does seem like a pointless fight--I won't argue either way about which society is more patriarchal, but let's not forget that in America, bastion of feminism that it is, pretty much all kids with married parents--and even many who unmarried ones--take their father's last names.

And plus, in Chinese society, don't the wives always keep their last names after marriage? Nobody's ever pointed to that as evidence that cultures where that isn't the common practice are somehow more oppressive.

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