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This article mentions why :

"People in Taiwan are still required to boil tap water to prevent ingestion of possible contaminants from pipes or during the water's distribution process."

Taipei Times just forgot to add the reason.

Shoot, I had the Post's version in front of me, but I must have skipped over that line. Still, at the end of the day, water that has to be boiled is water that has to be boiled. Perhaps the people in charge of the distribution network should look into stainless steel pipes or plastic pipes or whatever is needed to ensure contaminant-free H20 at the tap.

Anyways, thanks for pointing that out. Oh, and happy 60th.

I'm curious if anyone can find out where this mostly occurs? By that I mean, is the public infrastructure what's in need of overhaul, or do contamination concerns mostly center around the pipes in the buildings, many decades old, since water infrastructure beyond the point of connection is owned and controlled by the building owners, not the water company, I believe.

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