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In December 2008, Diane Lee was found to have filed USA 2007 individual income tax (probably in April, 2008). It proves that her earlier claim to have intention of giving up USA citizenship back in 1994 was an outright lie.

Not only so. When she filed the income tax to US government, she reported her income MUCH LESS than her actually legislator salary.

She probably did that same thing to avoid paying tax to US government in the entire span of past 14 years.

And this is just one of the crimes she committed against USA government.

By filing lower than actual salary for income tax return, she made herself eligible for the 2008 USA Economic Stimulus Payment (ESP), and she applied for it and took the money that is prepared for low income USA citizens !!!

She also puts her child as a beneficiary of her cheating scam and receive extra money from ESP.

It seems to be hard to stop counting her crimes against both Taiwan and US governments.

No way, really? Jeez, I'm REALLY going to have to write an update.

But I'm a bit fuzzy on some of this -- I know that Lee claimed her tax form was for property tax, not income tax.

Wouldn't surprise me if she was lying, though. Over the last month, I've been wondering about the possible U.S. tax angle.

By the way, I just ran across some interesting info about U.S. income-taxes and green card holders:

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