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Well said, couldn't agree more...we want a commonwealth with a country that can stand up to the Chinese...If you were a Taiwanese citizen, would you want to surrender the hard earned democracy & live under the shadow of communism?

I'm a Taiwanese citizen, although I have spent most of my life in the US. I've also lived in Japan. Given the current situation, a commonwealth with Japan would be a 2nd choice to independence. Union with China would have to be a far third place behind that. In the list of countries of the world, Taiwan is not that small economically, or in terms of population. But nobody suggests that Iceland should be reunited with Denmark, even though there are fewer than 1 million Icelanders. Taiwan is much bigger than many sovereign states, and is more than economically viable on its own, even if it's facing some hard times. The 'miracle' of the Asian tigers and the era of double digit growth cannot be sustainable anyway.

Surely all that is needed is a strong mutual defence pact between say, Taiwan, Japan and S Korea. PRC might be able to prevail against those eventually but it would be a truly pyhric victory and they're not that daft.

Hahaha. Nice post, man. Good to see you back in form.


Thanks Michael. Good to be back.

Great Post!

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