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There's an interesting link between openness and greater national security.

Singapore being a small, city-state, needs to place her strategic security concerns first and foremost.

A sense of ownership and liberty is as powerful as a NTS tool as one can get, and yet what we see is an attrition of the soft power that could have further strengthened the core of the Singapore identity.

Something real and bottoms-up.

But you can't teach hard power practitioners the enduring strategic value of soft power, can you...

An invitation to bloggers

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Singapore Kopitiam

Excellent post foreigner - very insightful.

Thanks Reeb. Lot of folks from Singapore dropped by for this one.

By chance I came across another Singapore related article that maybe you will find interesting:

A Banking Star’s Inconvenient Singaporean Truth

This is an article about an email Andy Xie (Morgan Stanley Asia Analyst) wrote and got shit-canned for. It's from 10/06, but still worth a read.

That link didn't just include the article -- it also showed the contents of Xie's original e-mail (high-lighted in green).

Fascinating how folks like Larry Summers, Paul Volker and Alan Greenspan were forecasting trouble for the American economy (Xie uses the word "collapse"!) two years back in 2006.

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