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Sorry if it wasn't clear on my blog, but the picture of the finger is not my own image. It was attached at the bottom of the mail containing the press release. Looking at the following URL from the press release, I'm assuming it's a Billy Pan photo:

Here's that page again, run through a Google translation:

Thanks Tim -- I'll update the post right now. It's only fair to give credit where it's due.

It's interesting -- if I understand the English translation correctly, it seems as though there was some kind of incident where Taiwanese police forbade Taiwanese passersby from buying items at a 7-11 near the Grand Hotel. They did this because they said the Chinese "guests" might want to buy from there, and the cops didn't want the 7-11 to run out of stock.

Doesn't sound like the police were terribly polite about the whole thing, either.

At least, that's what I get from it. These translation programs (while better than nothing) can be pretty iffy sometimes.

About the translation, "iffy" is right.

It looks like the original actually says that people were complaining that they couldn't even shop at 7-Eleven simply because a "small Chinese official" was in the vicinity. The police had told them, "Anybody who's not buying something, get out."

BTW, here's a Tiny-fied link to the Apple Daily story that contains the Chen Yunlin photo, but the online image is rather low-resolution:

Wow. Good thing we're all equals, huh?

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