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A correction to your postscript: it should read "black-shirted *Chinese* gangsters."

Tim Maddog

From day one, it's always been one of the conventions of this blog for me to call every citizen of the ROC a "Taiwanese." I think it makes things simpler for outsiders who stop by and read the blog. Just like I'd call any American citizen an American, whether they were naturalized last week, or whether their ancestors came over on the Mayflower.

So I've got 3 options. Call every ROC citizen "Taiwanese." Call every ROC citizen "Chinese". Or I start splitting people up, calling some folks Taiwanese and some Chinese.

For obvious reasons, I don't like option #2. As for option #3, I think it's divisive. Moreover, it leaves open the question of what to call the fence-sitters.

Admittedly, the convention I use REALLY starts to break down with people like Kuo. Within the context of this story, there's no way I could force myself to call him a Taiwanese.

(Incidentally, d'ya think Kuo's long-time gangster buddies offered him some betelnut to go with his Grey Poupon?)

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