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I don't get your thing about the ethics of an eight year old. Surely you don't mean that the KMT was taking out its anger at Beijing by barring Kadeer? If I am being very slow, can you explain.

The real story is Barak and the Dalai Lama. If the US isn't willing to take a stand against China, in even that limited way, then Taiwan has lost a friend.

You're right -- I certainly DON'T mean that the KMT is taking out its anger at Beijing by barring Kadeer. If I have time later, I may edit that to avoid giving that impression.

The KMT does however, emulate the eight-year old (or the sociopath, if you prefer) who proudly announces to the world, "Someone has harmed me wrongly in the past, therefore I shouldn't be blamed when I harm innocents in the future."

Taiwan heaps discredit upon itself by aping Beijing's behavior towards innocent third parties. When, as Michael Turton has pointed out, it really ought to know better.

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