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Well done? World Harmony Peace Prize? I hope your kidding me, but then, it's not surprising, in your self-induced illusion, the communists in China can do NO wrong but the KMT in Taiwan are evil! evil! evil!

You tilt at windmills, having missed the

in the post. So let's re-read it again to get a better picture of my "self-induced illusions" about the Chinese Communist Party, shall we?

Now, y'see that little part about "The Butchers of Beijing"? I don't know about you, but where I come from, "Butcher" is NOT a term of admiration or endearment. Oh, and the stuff about the "heroism" of the Chinese Communist general who "courageously gave the order to flatten Tiananmen protesters with 30 ton tanks"?


(Because it doesn't take much heroism to flatten unarmed civilians with tanks. Duh!)

As for the World Harmony Peace Prize, that's a black joke perpetrated not by me, but by the KMT's good friends in the CCP. I DID include a link explaining that, but obviously you neglected to follow it.

Once more, here are the links:

Not surprising that you hadn't heard about China awarding its "World Harmony Peace Prize" to the general in charge of the Tiananmen Massacre. Taiwan's KMT-dominated media obviously succeeded in burying that particular story.

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