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Moral retardation? Pot calling kettle black, foreigner informosa.

Apart from your halleucinations, you know nothing about me, bub. Nothing.

But what you say may very well be true, for I have never made any extraordinary claims about my own morality or ethics.

(However, black pots are still black, no matter who does the pointing.)

If I may, I'd like to know if YOU agree with Carl Natong in believing that democracy and dictatorship should be a matter of indifference for the Taiwanese.

That is to say, if the Chinese Nationalist Party were to enact martial law tomorrow (as they once did -- for 40 years), would it be their Duty to merely salute and give their blind obedience to their new self-appointed dictatorial rulers? As Carl Natong would have it?

Endeavor to avoid using the term "Maoist" in your response, please. A simple yes or no will suffice.

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