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RE: ''Now, I've never been to journalism school. But I am pretty sure one thing they don't teach is to just casually make shit up. (In the VERY FIRST SENTENCE of your editorial, no less.)''

ED NOTE from OLD SCHOOL EDITOR in MARYLAND, tells me: ''In the journalism school that the editors who run the CP went to, they did teach that. So they practice it often. It's a cardinal rule of the CP editorials.''

and RE: ''While by no means the biggest lie the Post has ever perpetrated, it is amusing nonetheless. That a paper should have the **face*** to start a piece explicitly pandering to the "China is the center of the world" prejudices of its ultra-nationalist readership . . . and then complain about POLITICIANS who engage in "populism".

ED NOTE also from dude in Maryland who tells me: ''CP has no face. It is not a real newspaper. It is a PR tool for those who own it and run it. Do not take one word that appears in that propaganda rag seriously. It has not face at all. Blank face is all. Pay it no mind."

However, I rather like the China Post and read it every day. The layout is nice on the eyes, the features are good, and the editorials are food for thought.

And this post comment is not from Danlloom but from an obvious internet doppelganger masquerading as somone else. But waste no future ink on CP critiques, everyone in Taiawn knows it for what it is and nobody takes it seriously anymore ever since Paul Chen left for retirement. HE knew how to run a paper. His inheritors do not.

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