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Nice report.

However, citation needed for attributing KMT's fascist authoritarian tendencies to Leninism.

[Google is your friend. The Party's organizational structure (not its economic policy) was designed along Leninist Party lines in the 1920s. --The Foreigner]

Some factions involved in the original impetus for the social unrest were/are in fact anti-capitalist.

[Maybe so. But defending one's industries from domination by Communist Party princelings is about as pro-capitalist as you can get. --The Foreigner]

Given that the attempted obscured passing of legislation is a hallmark strategy of the neoliberal ubercapitalists of the new century,

[Free trade between democracies is quite different from Taiwan trading "freely" with a Sino-fascist empire bent upon its destruction. --The Foreigner]

Praytell, when have the elites ever been subject to Rule of Law?

[The scent of troll is strong with this one! --The Foreigner]

Nothing short of a global armed uprising will stop these thieves, but please remember my fellow humans- whosoever lives by the sword shall die by the sword.

[♪ Nee-nee-noo-nee ♪ Nee-nee-noo-nee ♪ Nee-nee-noo-nee ♪...]

With love. Be safe.
But hit 'em where it hurts.

I came to unite not divide. I suspect there are resonances between our perspectives. Maybe we disagree about some details, but genuinely I condone and support your post.

However a little rhetorical banter every now and then is probably pretty healthy.

Thank you for leaving my comments up, that's very gracious and principled.

[Oh, let me assure you, when it comes to trolls I'm neither. Trolls get cut off at the knees without a second thought. --The Foreigner]

Google is in fact not anyone's friend. It exists to maximize it's shareholders profits. If anyone has friends like that, maybe it's time to re-examine some relationships.

Yes, I am aware of history of the KMT, but you still haven't cited any support for your opinion.

[Word games, must we? Google is your friend in the sense that it facilitates the efforts of those who seek information from it. Google "KMT" and "Leninist party" - there's more citations than you can shake a stick at. --The Foreigner]

Hmm. Communist princelings who've run their enterprises since Deng Xiaoping like how?
Oh that's right - capitalist.

[Capitalist, huh? I guess that's ONE way of describing Communist Party princeling Bo Xilai making millions off the harvested body parts of Falun Gong practitioners...--The Foreigner]

Also here I am just reporting what I observed during the Sunflower days of action.

Free trade between democracies: No argument from me here. I will comment tho that on a macroscopic level humanity has seen very little if any genuinely free trade or democracy for a while now. At least since the dollar was pegged to petroleum.

[Ah. So apparently neither Free Trade nor Democracy nor the Rule of Law exist. I do believe you're wasting my time. --The Foreigner]

Trolls, eh? If only I could deserve such good company. It would be regrettable if you felt personally antagonized. I assure you there is no malice here, Any snark you may have detected is only meant in good humour.

Although I must admit the humour of the sound effect is lost upon me. I'll take it jokingly and you can chalk a point - if you're counting.

["You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind..."]

Anyway if the KMT and/or China continue to make the policies they want without facing resistance, the situation is pretty dour for most of us on the island. That much we should agree on, right?

[And yet you previously suggested the situation wasn't "dour" at all, when you tried to persuade me that Communist Party princelings will run businesses in Taiwan just as morally and ethically as Taiwanese small business owners. --The Foreigner]


[And best of luck to you in your modest quest to initiate a global armed uprising to restore true Democracy, true Rule of Law and true Free Trade to this benighted world. Do let me know how that works out for ya.--The Foreigner]

So if I understand your position: Google capitalists bad, Communist princeling capitalists good.

Elsewhere in the news:

China's attacks on Google intensify


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